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Sewing Machine Repair & Service

We service and repair most sewing machines; domestic, commercial, industrial, and sergers. We have very reasonable rates for a standard cleaning, oiling, and tension adjustment. We may be interested in purchasing older machines for parts, depending on type and condition. Sometimes we also have good used machines available to sell. Additionally we are able to sharpen your sewing scissors and pinking shears.

A Few of our Customers' Machines

Importance of Regular Service

Regular, periodic service of your sewing machine is very important. To keep your sewing machine running properly, making well-formed stitches, and feeding the fabric without issues, your sewing machine needs to be cleaned and oiled on a regular basis. A machine like this one pictured below, will mis-feed the fabric, cause stitches to be irregular and skipped, and will bend, blunt, and break needles.